We are here to serve you with over 30 years of experience.

Manufacturing and selling in different sectors of plastic industry for years. For more than 20 years, PPRC and PP based production and sales became our main area. We are adding new customers daily to our extensive client portfolio thanks, to our experience and our strict quality standards. Our experience shows that everything starts with human and human relations. Every day on this way, we have new participations to our network of relationships, our suppliers, our customers; yes, we are an organization that continues with high technology and high quality standards, but primarily we are human. We are a company that grows with humanity, not a company with modern age complex and far away from humanity.

The presence of a very strong relationship network as well as our Multilanguage team bring us to a privileged position in, both in Turkey where located our manufacturing facilities and in other countries where our customers located. With our network skills, we also assist our customers outsource other demands from the global market. Because our basic philosophy is share together with people, grow together with people. We apply this philosophy both to our suppliers, to our relationship network, and to our customers. If you have not yet joined our network, we are looking forward to see you; please welcome to our world.